We provide the TECHNICAL expertise your business needs to reach its potential 



ENTREPRENEURS and small businesses 

When your business is small, everything is your responsibility.  Some aspects of the business are your specialty and others are outside your area of expertise.  When small businesses need help, they often hire experts to perform specialized work (lawyers, accountants, etc.).   We will help you with the technical aspects of your business by providing engineering services to meet your needs.  Because 80% of the cost of a product is determined in the design stage, we will help you to design your product right from the start to help you achieve a successful product launch.  A well engineered product will perform well, be high quality and be manufactured at minimum cost.

Technical ADVISOR

We will assist you with  product develop by reviewing designs, evaluating risk, and identifying ways to improve product performance, increase quality and reduce cost.

Innovative engineering

 We will listen to your ideas and develop innovative designs. We work closely with you throughout the process so that you can lead us toward your vision.

Consulting Engineering Director

Working part time, we will direct your engineering efforts providing years of experience at a fraction of the cost of a full time manager.

Technical staff Hiring ADVISOR

We participate in candidate interviews to help you hire the right people for your technical staff.  We will ask tough questions to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications and potential.

Corporations and Large businesses 

Corporations and large businesses have in-house technical capabilities and formal departments for each major aspect of their business (Human Resources, Accounting, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Quality Control, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Production / Operation, etc.).  We will teach your employees techniques to improve productivity, conduct work on specialized topics, and perform external evaluations to identify process or product  improvement opportunities.

Technical Trainer

Training can sharpen skills, improve moral, encourage creativity and innovation,  improve the productivity,  and enhance effectiveness of your employees.

List of Workshops

Special Topic Expert

Occasionally, corporations need services outside of their normal operations.  We will provide expertise in special topics to assist you.


External Evaluator

We will identify ways to help you improve your products and processes by identifying opportunities that are difficult to notice from within your own organization.

Innovation Strategist

 Product life cycles are limited (e.g. typewriter). Investment in product innovation not only reduces the risk of company failure, but it also provides opportunities for growth.